Note: Once oxidizer (white granules) are exposed to air it will rapidly begin absorbing moisture from the air.  The user must minimize the amount of time the oxidizer is exposed to air.

 For Bulk Kits: The user must divide the oxidizer (white granules) into individual 1 lb charges and thoroughly mix one package of the supplied catalyst (gray powder).  A container that will not produce shrapnel, such as a thin plastic bag, must be used.  

Note: One pound charge is approximately 16 fl. oz. Components should be kept in an airtight container after opening to ensure product does not absorb air moisture.

For Individual Charges: The user must mix one package of supplied catalyst (gray powder) with one jar of supplied oxidizer (white granules). The charge should be thoroughly mixed via shaking.  Components should be kept in an airtight container prior to use to ensure product does not absorb air moisture.

Detonation:  Read all warnings prior to detonation.  The user can detonate using a projectile travelling at greater than 2500 fps or a #8 blasting cap.  If a center mass target hit is not achieved, the detonation may be incomplete.  


  • This product presents a fire hazard, explosive hazard, and shrapnel hazard. 
  • Check state and local laws for restrictions prior to use. 
  • Misuse of this product may result in fire, injury, death, or legal action. 
  • Explosive must be used at time and place of mixing.  Do not transport or store mixed explosive. 
  • Must be 21 years or older to use this product.
  • User must not be prohibited from using explosives under Federal Explosives laws. 
  • Shooters and bystanders must remain at least 100 yards from explosive.
  • Eye and ear protection must be used for user and bystanders.
  • Do not use or store near open flame,sparks, or other heat source.
  • Do not detonate more than 1 lb of explosive at once.
  • Do not detonate more than one explosive at once.  
  • Do not confine explosive partially or fully in any way. 
  • Detonate in open area on solid ground with at least 100 yards of clearance in all directions. 
  • Check for fire or smoldering material after detonation and wait at least 10 minutes after explosive is detonated to place next explosive on range to avoid placement on fire or smoldering material.